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staff July 19, 2018

How to prepare an effective resume

How to prepare an effective resume


You all know what is a resume’. But many of you do not know every resume is not an effective resume. An effective resume can simply create a magic and push you one step further towards an interview call at one go.


Whenever there is a job opening the employers get loads of resumes from thousands of candidates applying for the same. Employers or the HR persons on behalf of the employers automatically start screening the candidates on the basis of their resumes. So this is the first hurdle you must cross in the beginning of your job hunt.


An ideal resume tells about your specialties or values which has worth to your prospective employer. This makes you stand out among thousands of other candidates. It is the first ticket which allows you to reach the interview board. So you must write your resume not only to describe your qualities but you should try to represent all your qualification, experiences and competencies in such a way so that employers find all your educations, skill and exposures perfectly in tune with their required criteria for the particular opening.


Here are the valuable guidelines to prepare an effective resume.


  1. A resume should be brief and to the point which only speaks about your relevant qualifications, qualities and experiences.


  1. It should be within two pages with proper line spacing, bullets, alignment and written in a professional font that is easy to read and looks smart.


  1. It should be brief, written in simple language and grammatical error free.


  1. Contact details needs to be visible at a glance on top of the page.


  1. The page size should be of A4 size, printed on one side of the page with page number at the bottom.


  1. Ideally a resume needs to start with a summarized professional profile which describes your professional qualifications and experiences (if any) in few lines. This overview should be very impressive that proves you to be a most suitable candidate for the position you are applying for.


  1. Next mention the following details one by one: your core competencies, experience details and achievements.


  1. Next mention all your academic qualifications and technical qualifications in chronological order from latest to back.


  1. Then mention the projects, or other professional exposures you may have.


  1. Mention your extra-curricular activities and achievements.


  1. At last mention your personal particulars comprising date of birth, language skill, marital status, or any other details like your passport details or any other personal information you want to include which is relevant for applying to a job.
  2. You always write your resume honestly but strategically which should not become a trust-buster but at the same time highlight your qualities in such a way that impress the employers.


  1. Usually you do not need to paste your photo or put reference details or mention your last salary unless otherwise a particular employer wants it for screening.


  1. Always upgrade your resume at regular intervals and feel free to modify here and there to high light the necessary information and cover the unnecessary facts to make your resume sharp and impressive.


  1. There is no need of writing sentences like “All facts mentioned here are true to my knowledge”. Putting date and location is also not required at all in a modern resume.