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staff July 19, 2018

Interview Preparation Guidence

Interview Preparation

Do you know the famous quote “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”? No doubt it is a great truth you should always remember especially in the context of attending interviews. You get an interview call if and only if you pass the preliminary round of screening which is done on the basis of your resume. Sometimes you get the call if you pass the second round of screening too which might be a telephonic interview from the employer’s end. In few circumstances you may get the call after you pass another round also if the organization uses another screening tool called group discussion or GD round.


So once you have got the chance of meeting the employer in a face to face interview you should try to take the full advantage of it with best possible preparations must prove yourself to be the ideal candidate for the job opening.


Here are the important tips for your interview preparations:


  1. Before you attend the interview make a research about the organization on the net. It will help you to be aware about their work and operations and make you confident while you attend the interview.


  1. Make a clear cut idea about the venue including how to reach their easily from your place. This will help you to save time and reach in time without any unnecessary hazard that may hamper your focus.


  1. Plan what you will wear for the interview and make them ready before hand. Always choose formal attires which has a good fitting and smart look but at the same time comfortable for the weather. Also plan your accessories which need to be formal too and groom yourself with a hair-cut, shaving or a suitable make-up or styling which will surely increase your confidence.


  1. Carry a copy of your updated resume (which you have already submitted while applying for the job) along with other necessary documents arranged in chronological order in a folder, so that you can easily take out and readily present them if the interviewer wants to see any credential at the interview board. Otherwise if you take lot of time to find out your papers you will prove yourself to be disorganized.


  1. Make a list of probable questions they may ask you during the interview and mentally prepare the answers for them.


  1. If they ask you something which is not within your knowledge and you cannot remember at that point of time, admit you don’t know this or can’t remember this with an addition that you would be able to pick it up or brush the skill up if they give you a scope to learn and update. Remember honest confession is always appreciated.


Hence, next time you attend an interview try to remember these interview tips. Also keep it in mind that it is nothing better if you can crack the interview at one go, but in case you don’t then also you should not feel down because there will be more chances in life and believe me, soon you will achieve what you want. Till then just try a little more to reach the level of perfection. Don’t forget life is a challenge and you have to accept it! And here we are to help you in your present challenge – job hunting!!!