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These days simply having a resume won’t fetch you the dream job. There are many marketing things that are required for you to get a great work. For this purpose comes executive corporate bio that helps you get the good amount of exposure and a glimpse of your profile.

What is Corporate Bio’s?

Corporate Bio is an executive summary that reflects our leadership qualities and talks about your skills, capabilities and qualities that will help your profile get noticed among so many resumes

With the change in trend these days, it has become a necessary thing to get yourself a corporate bio that will help in showcase your talent highlighting all the strengths that are there in your profile. Through the professional help, you are able to get a sustainable amount of balance in your profile.

Why we need this?

Networking will help you get 80% of job opportunities without much of efforts or time. During networking on various social networks as well as offline networking what is required is the importance of a one-page bio that when designed with the help of the professionals will help you secure great work opportunities without getting worried.

A corporate Bio is also able to give a complete glimpse of your profile and will also help you provide yourself with a complete look. Whereas the resume looks only good for a specific job requirement, the corporate bio help in providing you with complete amount of background furnishing you with the proper amount of details. It helps in delivering the communication with the proper narrative format.

Benefits of Corporate Bio’s

Here are the following benefits that one can enjoy with a professional corporate bio:

  • It focuses on the key responsibilities as well as past work positions that you have handled in the previous work opportunities.
  • It can be used for a wide spectrum of applications i.e jobs, networking and other important personal interactions that will help you to prosper your talent and profile in front of the recruiters and marketing program.
  • The narrative format that is used to prepare the corporate bio will help you get the advanced amount of exposure to your work profile especially during the time of business meetings.

Difference Bio VS Resume

A resume is used to showcase about your profile for a specific job whereas a bio talks about the overall development of your profile and covers a widespread background about your work and specifications.

Unlike the resume, a corporate bio works beyond the conventional method of designing a format that will go while applying for a job.

How Bio helps leader to show their Maximum Contribution and skills.

A bio is basically a summary that will primarily be talking about a job seeker’s skills and developments in an enhanced manner. As a resume becomes very specific a bio has the flexibility to showcase about your profile in a great manner. You are able to furnish yourself with the good amount of things and the focus in a bio is only on the individual’s strength and powerful outlook in terms of professional attributes.

How we are different from others.

At Grow Your Career we understand the importance of a corporate bio for our customers and help them get the complete exposure in the job oriented market. With the help of our professional writers we aim to curate and create corporate bios for our customers after having a proper one to one interaction with them. As per the requirements and need of the customers we create a professional bio indicating and highlighting their key capabilities and strengths.

From one page, one paragraph to only a few lines of corporate bio to show your profile and outstanding one we prepare a corporate bio at affordable packages.

We aim in creating a proper narrative format for the customers and create a bio with a third person language and in an attractive manner.

Process Flow

After taking down the requirements from the help of the professional writers we conduct multiple telephonic calls to create the corporate bio. After writing the bio we will send the first draft online for approval and accuracy so that you can check and go through the complete summary designed. We provide 2 revisions of the content and within 7 days of delivery, the changes can be asked by the customer.

Executive Bio
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