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In accordance with the Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology Act of 2011 this document is published which requires the provisions of rules and regulations, privacy policy and Terms of Use of the Grow Your Career website.

The domain name of the website ……………. is owned by the CAREER SKY PRIVATE LIMITED.

All the use of the Website and its services are fully governed by the following mentioned terms and conditions that are applicable to the policies and guidelines. Through using the website you fully adhere to the principles and the terms and conditions fully constitute with the binding obligations of Grow Your Career.

“User” or “You” in the document mean any natural or the legal person who fully agree on becoming the user of the website that provides registration of the data while one is registering as the user on the website through the use of the computer systems. If you use any of the services which are provided from our end through the website that is not limited to job postings, resume services etc then you will be subject to the rules as well as guidelines and terms and conditions.

We at Grow Your Career have the right to reserve at our sole discretion to change, modify or to remove the portion of Terms of Use without any kind of prior notice to the user. It is the responsibility of the User to update and review the Terms and Conditions from time to time. As the user, your continuous use of the website post the changes made will automatically make you accept and agree on the revisions done on the website.

Till the time you as the user of the website fully comply with the Terms and Conditions of the website we aim to grant you the personal, limited privilege, non-exclusive and non-transferable use of the website.

Puchase of any product is not providing the job Gurantee. User agrees that the services once subscribed to by the User is not refundable and all amount(s) paid shall stand appropriated.


Account and Registrations

As the User of the Website, you are solely responsible for maintaining the proper confidentiality of the password and username. All the activities that are conducted under your username and password will be fully responsible at your end. This ensures that if any information found out to be untrue, unethical, inaccurate we have full rights to accept the information as inaccurate and inappropriate to be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Under such scenario, we have full right to suspend, terminate or block the access of your registration and membership on our website. Such kind of acts will incorporate and call for implications of violations of law and government. Furthermore, it also calls for the false and untrue information, manipulated and defamatory with the misleading facts.

Communication Mode

While using the website or sending any emails or providing of the data as well as information to us, you as the User fully agree to understand that you are communicating with us through the means of electronic mode and send the consent to proper receive the communications with the help of electronic records. Our mode of communication with you can be in the form of telephonic or electronic depending on the need and availability.

Consent to Terms of Use

You fully agree that Grow Your Career can at any time or date collect the personal information i.e your Address, IP Address etc in order to store the information in our database. However, while registering on Grow Your Career website you are obliged to provide a certain amount of necessary information for the registration as well as gaining access to the website. Such kind of information should include without any amount of limitation about your name, email address, credit card and billing information, IP address, financial information, content, occupation, sex etc. Also in some instances, you are required to share the details about your cultural, social and preferential lifestyle with complete information.

You as the user fully agree that any kind of synchronization of your account with your social media accounts for the purpose of getting visible by the prospective recruiters or any kind of third parties that provide services and activities related to Grow Your Career.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our user’s privacy is an important thing for us and we fully understand you and your personal information has to be kept secret and confidential. As per the Information Technology Act of 2000, we fully reserve the right to store and process the information that includes the safety and protection of any kind of physical or technological security measures. You can check our privacy policy for the use and the purpose of safeguarding the personal information.


Service Payments

  • All the payments that are made against any kind of purchases/services should be compulsory made in accordance of Indian Rupees which should be acceptable in the Republic of India.
  • At Growyourcareer, we have a right to refuse the process of transactions of the users with a past history of questionable charges which also includes the breach of the agreement, violation of any law or charge etc.

Contact Us

If you have any doubt/query then you can feel free to contact us at .   info@growyourcareer.co.in